The Caribbean Heritage Praise Festival and Creative Arts Expo is presented by GIFT International Inc. in association with Lyrical Lynn Music.

Festival Date: Saturday November 11th at the Enrichment Center, 2344 Lake Bradford Road ~ Tallahassee, FL 32310 (Southside)

Creative Arts Expo Time: 2pm to 5pm, (This is an opportunity for your to recruit members, sell products, share information, fundraise, and share your vision with the community)

Entertainment: Sounds of the Caribbean with DJ Dean(Jamaica), Mr Mighty Mouth, Marva Scott(Bahamas), and Breanna Jade, (Jamaica)

Special Concert Time: at 7PM Join us( at no cost to you for registering) for a Live Concert,  Featuring International Caribbean artists and 2022 Marlin Award Winners, Lili Forbes from St. Maarten, Wayne Studdart & Breanna Jade from Jamaica also featuring Bahamian artists and CGMA nominees Mr.Mighty Mouth And Marva Scott. Local artists include Director of Javajacya Orchestra Patrice Floyd and many more. 

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